Growth with guidance.

Our infant classrooms serve babies ages six weeks through 18 months. The day is full of singing, nursery rhymes and dancing. Based on their age, the focus may be on rolling over, sitting up, encouraging crawling or walking or even using a paint brush to create a masterpiece. Experiences such as empty boxes to fill and dump, blowing and catching bubbles, water play and pouring dry noodles or beans into containers of different shapes and colors help to support their developmental domains.

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Learning the basics.

Our toddler classrooms are designed for children ages 18 months through three years. Program goals include opportunities for them to build friendships with one another. Together, they explore materials that enhance language skills and provide experiences that encourage independence and confidence. The children learn about shapes and colors, use blocks to count and understand cause and effect, learn about rhyming and use creativity by playing make believe.


Success starts here.

Our preschool classrooms are organized to provide meaningful growth in a child’s developmental domains. We use Early Learning Content Standards as a guide in providing authentic academic learning experiences. Toys are offered to encourage thinking, problem solving, collaboration, observation and success. Fine motor skills are refined through writing , cutting, drawing and painting. Children learn how to communicate their frustrations, feelings and needs. Learning experiences and activities are specifically designed to benefit them in kindergarten and beyond.

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